Enduramaxx has a range of heavy-duty tanks for Industrial purposes, from 500 to 30,000 Litres. The increased wall thickness in these specialised industrial tanks means that specific gravities of contents between 1SG – 2SG can be stored. The industrial water tanks are made from rotationally moulded and UV stabilised polyethylene for durability with a smooth interior to help resist bacteria growth and to make them easy to clean.

The Enduramaxx Industrial Division continues to develop new solutions and further improve its existing range keeping pace with this dynamic market.

  • Designed specifically for industry
  • Engineer verified design
  • 100% rust proof
  • Totally self-supporting roof, no internal fixtures or supports
  • Inbuilt lifting lugs
  • 4 x overflow/vertical inlet/outlet locations
  • Can take up to Ø150mm fittings
  • Suitable for a wide range of liquid chemicals
  • Manufactured with increased wall thickness catering for specific gravities of between 1-2SG
  • Dosing Tanks

    Dosing Tanks (7)

    Enduramaxx’s range of high performance chemical dosing tanks are manufactured using food grade polymer and the latest in rotational moulded, UV stabilisation technologies, ensuring durability and stability. Specially designed for use within the water treatment and purification industry our dosing tanks incorporate a raised section to allow the easy installation of a chemical dosing pump as well as a screw fitting lid to the lower section. All tanks are available in either a natural or black colour finish, with vertical volume graduations (litres) included to the tank side.
  • Cone Bottom Tanks

    Cone Bottom Tanks (53)

    Cone bottom tanks (conical tanks) are rotationally moulded and are of single piece construction made from high-density food-grade polyethylene which permits easy viewing of content levels in natural light. These tanks can be designed for containment of liquids of up to 1.5SG.

    Features include:

    • Ribbed sidewall tanks for superior strength

    • Self supporting roof with no internal fixtures or supports

    • 12” complete draining banjo fitting installed on all tanks (optional 3” is available)

    • Cone bottom and full drain bung for total evacuation of contents

    • Heavy duty galvanised steel frame

    Popular uses include:

    • Beer & cider brewing - Suit microbreweries and craft brewers!

    • Wine making

    • Molasses & liquid feed storage

    • Liquid fertiliser storage

    • Food industry

    • Chemical holding & mix tank storage

    • Industrial mix and inductor tanks

    • Processing tank

    • Water storage tank

    • Settlement or sludge tanks

    • Holding tank

  • Horizontal Tanks

    Horizontal Tanks (45)

    horizontal-tanks-banner The horizontal transport tanks range in capacities from 240 litres to 13000 litres. These rotationally moulded transport tanks are 100% rust proof uses include water, potable drinking water and liquid fertiliser. Regardless of wall thickness polyethylene tanks are still lightweight when compared to steel or fibreglass tanks, which means you can choose a larger tank without a weight penalty. These heavy-duty rust proof tanks can be used either for storage or transportation. The unique pin mounting system enables the tank to be mounted securely without the need to use steel mounting straps, which can cause fatigue. This tank is designed to conveniently mount on a flat surface without any additional support.
  • Vertical Storage Tanks

    Vertical Storage Tanks (94)

    As a WRAS approved water tank manufacturer, Enduramaxx has a range of plastic vertical water tanks, including rainwater harvesting tanks, MDPE potable water storage tanks and slimline rainwater tanks.

    With sizes ranging from 150 to 30,000 litres they are designed for uses throughout agricultural, commercial, domestic, horticultural, industrial and irrigation markets.  All of our single skin tanks are rotationally moulded. A carefully programmed manufacturing process ensures maximum wall thickness at the base where it needs it most. Enduramaxx potable vertical tanks are backed by a full 10 year warranty and are supplied with a byelaw 30 kit (byelaw 60 kit in Scotland).

    Features include:

    • Manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene, these tanks are tough and durable

    • Ribbed design provides added strength and an attractive appearance

    • Our tanks do not rust or corrode and are impact resistant

    • Guaranteed one-piece tank construction ensures long term structural strength

    • Other sizes of outlets available upon request

    • UV stabilised polyethylene

    Our large vertical storage tanks come in a range of 25 sizes from 150 to 30,000 litres.  All our cylindrical vertical tanks can be manufactured to potable (drinking water) and non-potable rainwater/greywater specifications.

    Our MDPE potable water tanks are seamlessly rotationally moulded for strength.  Above-ground water tanks are often used in process and food industries as a low maintenance, cost-effective water storage solution.