Acid Pickling Tank

Entirely acid resistant, any part of these can be submerged without any concerns. With a mini access lid for monitoring, this reduces the risk of splashing which could result in injury. When it comes to loading and unloading however, the whole top section is removable for unimpeded access.

This treatment is called ‘Acid Pickling’ as the ‘pickle liquor’ is used to remove impurities, such as inorganic contaminants, stains or rust from the surfaces of ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminium alloys and precious metals. This solution is placed inside of acid pickling tanks, which usually contain acid to remove surface impurities. Common uses include descaling or cleaning of steel in various steelmaking processes.  Pickling is a metal surface treatment used to remove impurities, such as stains, inorganic contaminants, rust or scale from ferrous metals, copper, precious metals and aluminium alloys.  A solution called pickle liquor, which usually contains acid, is used to remove the surface impurities. Metal can contain impurities that may affect usage of the product or further processing like plating with metal or painting. Various chemical solutions are usually used to clean these impurities. Strong acids, such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid are common, but different applications use various other acids. Also, alkaline solutions can be used for cleaning metal surfaces. Solutions usually also contain additives such as wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors. Pickling is sometimes called acid cleaning if descaling is not needed.

Our range of Acid Pickling & Dip Tank is entirely acid resistant, any part of these can be submerged without any concerns.  Optional lids are available for monitoring reducing the risk of splashing which could result in injury.  The lid is removable for access.  Enduramaxx manufactures a range of bunded chemical tanks for hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid.

These Acid Tanks feature :

  • PP Storage
  • mini access lid for easy monitoring
  • custom sizes and colours are available.

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