1000 Litre Fertiliser Mixer Tank

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  • WRAS approved Black tank only
  • Available in black or natural
  • Supplied as standard with a 2″ Outlet (other options available)
  • Dimensions (mm) 1160 x 1580 H (Dimensions exclude mixer and frame)
  • 100% rust proof
  • UK manufactured
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Please note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation


For pricing and availability, please email sales@enduramaxx.co.uk with your requirements

Enduramaxx’s 1000 Litre Fertiliser Mixer Tank is a self-supporting vertical cylindrical tank constructed of Food Grade, UV stabilised, MDPE (mid-density polyethene).  Mixer storage vessels play a crucial role in material supply and product holding. In many instances, the temperature, pressure and equalisation of the substances contained within these vessels are vital for material durability, hygiene, safety and quality. Agitators are often applied to assist these processes. Bulk storage tanks are adopted by a range of industries, including chemical, petrochemical refining to pharmaceutical products.

Popular uses for this 1000 Litre Fertiliser Mixer Tank include:

  • Food Industry
  • Bio-diesel and other Oil Treatment Processes
  • Mixing systems and blending
  • Industrial holding and mix tank storage
  • Processing tank
Equipment Mounting and Customisation

The 1000 litre mixer tank can be offered with industrial mixers, liquid level sensor assemblies, and fill pipes.  The 2000 litre mixer tank is available with many fittings and modifications to suit your application.  This includes inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as internal baffles.   Mixer baffles are important in a mixing vessel as they disrupt the flow pattern and providing top to bottom flow within the tank. When mixing solid suspensions in a large cylindrical tank, you will normally end up with a swirling flow pattern no matter what type of impeller you use.  This flow pattern is undesirable as solid particles will tend to collect at the bottom of the tank rather than being thoroughly mixed into the solution. By ensuring a top to bottom flow is achieved within the tank in addition to swirling flow, baffles can prevent this from happening. Stainless steel frames are available for food industry environments.

Tips on tanks and mixer selection are available here. Our industrial mixer range includes high-speed industrial mixers, and geared slow speed mixer.

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