Cold Liquor Tanks

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Cold Liquor Tanks

Cold liquor tanks are used for the brewing process and are also called buffer tanks. Buffer tanks contain cold water used for the purpose of cooling the bitter wort temperature down to the fermentable level range after boiling. This process is done by wort cooler.  These cold water tanks need to be sized properly to sufficiently support a brewing system with water at the quantity required.  Typical tank sizes are 2-2.5 times the brewhouse size depending on brewhouse needs.   Generally, cold liquor tanks leverage external heat exchangers to keep the water consistent.

Food Safe Cold Liquor Tanks

Enduramaxx Cold Liquor Tanks are manufactured from food-safe / WRAS approved virgin material and ar UV stabilised for many years of life.  These tanks are available in single piece moulded tanks up to 30,000 litres.

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