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Enduramaxx Custom Mixing Solutions – Mixer & Agitators

We focus on the specific process considerations for your application, the mechanical integrity of the mixing components and the drive system integrity to ensure the best solution.   We match the right impeller with for mixer by considering the profile, pumping and power needs of your application. We factor in the velocity gradient, velocity, pumping rate, tank turnover rate, tanks shape, liquid level variation, location of impellers and direction of pumping to ensure a successful solution.

In most cases, our Mixer & Agitators consist of a motor and drive system, output coupling, mixer shaft, seals and various impeller assemblies.  There is a wide variety of applications and processes that Mixers and Agitators can be used for, we have divided them into different series: Open top tanks, Closed top tanks that require sealing, large scale industrial agitators and in-line static mixers.

Direct Drive Mixers – mixers are direct driven from the motor for large high shear, or small scale mixing applications. Applications can include dosing tank and drum mixing, homogenisation and high shear mixing.

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