Sulphuric Acid Tanks

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Sulphuric Acid Tanks

Sulphuric Acid Tanks are required for the suitable storage of the acidic solution composed of molecular H2SO4 has many industrial applications across the world.  Sulfuric acid is an important chemical in the production of agricultural products, vehicle batteries, adhesives, degreasers, soaps, dyes, and water treatment chemicals.  Within the agricultural industry, applications for bulk storage of sulphuric acid is used for the production of non-pesticidal chemicals such as phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers.  Ammonium sulphate is a fertilizer manufactured using sulfuric acid.   Some countries utilize H2SO4’s dehydrating properties to function as a desiccant for crops like fruits, potatoes, flax, and certain plant bulbs.

Uses of Sulphuric Acid Tanks

Significant use of sulfuric acid is in the manufacture of lead-acid batteries, the type traditionally found in car engines and in batteries, sulfuric acid contributes to the inner electrolytic solution that drives the electrical current between the battery’s lead plates. When charged, the negative-pole lead plate reacts with H2SO4 to generate lead(II) sulphate, and the electrons to drive the reaction that occurs at the positive-pole plate of the lead-acid battery providing the electrical current. H2SO4 solution concentrations used in lead-acid batteries are conventionally between 25% – 40% sulfuric acid in water.

There is a long list of industries that use sulfuric acid including pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, manufacturer of cleaning products, agronomy, metal processing, paper/wood processing, paint, pigments and ink, leather production, and ore processing. Sulfuric acid is also used as a pH-adjusting agent, a strong acid in acid-base reactions, oxidizing/reducing agent, propellant, solid-separation agent, process regulator, anti-scaling agent, and as a chemical catalyst or reagent.

How Sulphuric Acid Should Be Stored

Bulk storage of sulphuric acid presents storage challenges.  These bunded Sulphuric Acid Tanks are offered with chemical tank options including liquid level sensor assemblies and fill pipes, fittings and modifications to suit your application.  This includes inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids and vents.

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