Versatile Spray Boom

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  • Height adjustable.
  • Suitable for small spraying jobs.
  • Minimum pump size required – 11.4L/min
  • 500mm nozzle spacing.
  • Optimum spray height – 500mm
  • Supplied with 3 No. 002 Flat Fan 110° spray nozzles & 2 No. 02 brass off-centre nozzles
  • Includes diaphragm check valve, nozzle holders.
  • Side nozzles can be independently switched off.
  • Boom width approx. 1300mm
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Versatile Spray Boom

The Versatile Spray Boom kit is a 1.3-metre wide boom kit which can easily be fitted to any sprayer with an 11.4 litres min pump or larger.

This boom kit will spray approximately 4.5 metres wide and each spray nozzle can be independently switched off allowing spray from a single nozzle to the full 4.5-metre width.

Easy to fit to most ATV Sprayers/Quad Sprayers, it has an add on kit, that has a pump larger in capacity than 11.4 litres min output.

Supplied complete with 3 standard anti-drip nozzle assemblies across the centre section, and has a side spray nozzle at each side that is adjustable in angle and can be shut off individually.

Additional information

Dimensions 55 × 21 × 7 cm
Mounting kit

No Mounting Kit, ATV Mounting Kit, UTV Mounting Kit

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