Enduramaxx Brine Tanks For Road De-icing

Brine Tanks For Road De-icing – Standard brine is a simple mixture of water and NaCl salt and often a salt brine is capable of being applied at temperatures as low as -20°C without freezing. For lower temperatures Calcium Chloride CaCl capable of temperatures as low as -50°C.

Advantages of using salt brine for deicing;

  • Using salt brine can save over 50% of your annual salt bill.
  • Brine stays on the road for longer as it does not bounce or blow off remaining effective for longer.
  • Brine can be deployed onto road surfaces at greater vehicle speeds..
  • Brine melts frozen precipitation faster than dry rock salt and can be used to pre-wet salt.
  • Brine is effective immediately unlike dry salt which needs moisture to activate

Bulk salt delivery, brine make-up, and brine storage present several equipment challenges and efficient design for the tank and components are required to prevent problems inherent with these demands.

  1. Offloading of salt from the delivery truck –At the start of the brine production process, salt is pneumatically delivered into the brine tank. During the delivery process, salt dust is inevitably created. Salt dust can be extremely damaging to surrounding equipment and materials. In order to mitigate exposure to salt dust, which can cause rust and corrosion, a containment dust bag is required. Proper venting is also necessary in order to contain the dust while allowing the tank to breathe.
  2. Brine Collection – Maintaining the proper water level within the tank to deliver the required brine solution is critical. An electronic sensor and an automated water inlet valve are necessary for the monitoring of water, salt, and brine levels.
  3. Access for tank cleaning – Some salts are very dirty and will necessitate tank cleaning. Easy access can be done through the to the side access to clean the tank.

What is Brine?

Brine which is a solution of salt and water and generally refers to Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and water(H2O).  These brine tanks are widely used in industry and electrolysis will produce a number of chemicals including Chlorine (Cl), Hydrogen (H)and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH).

Have questions about Brine Tanks For Food Processing bulk storage tanks or smaller round brine tanks? Contact a chemical storage tank specialist today.

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