NFU Scotland and agricultural industries confederation engage government – liquid fertiliser tanks lowering bills

NFU Scotland has recently stated that many farmers will be unable to pay their bills in December if subsidy support payments are late. They have also made aware of the situation, Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) Scotland, the membership body for companies supplying animal feed, plant protection products and fertiliser.

According to Scottish Tenant Farmers Association chairman, Christopher Nicholson, farm minister Richard Lochhead should let farm businesses know what their value of support payments will be and when they can reasonably expect to receive them.  The AIC has already written to Mr Lochhead asking for him to resolve the issues “for the sake of the whole farming industry, both those who farm and those who supply them”, according to The Press and Journal.

Agricultural bills can be better controlled through a number of tactics that help farmers optimise their consumable resources.  For instance, liquid fertiliser can be bought in bulk and stored pre-mixed in liquid fertiliser tanks.  In fact, pesticides and all other agricultural chemicals can be purchased and stored securely.

Enduramaxx tanks manufactured from a very rugged, single piece of UV stabilised polyethylene, enable secure storage of pesticides and all other agricultural chemicals. In addition to bulk storing chemicals, Enduramaxx also enables farmers to claw back savings over mains water supplies and abstraction licenses through rainwater harvesting.  Enduramaxx rainwater tanks store free, roof rainwater run-off in capacities up to 30,000 litres.

For more information on bill reduction tactics and on Enduramaxx storage tanks, speak to a member of our team today (contact us).

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