Record breaking rapeseed crop last month – liquid fertiliser tanks bring savings

Last month a Northallerton farmer harvested what could well be the highest yield of rapeseed ever recorded. With 7.2t/ha, the crop way outweighs the UK national average of 4t/ha. The restored hybrid variety, Incentive, grew well for a number of reasons attributed by farmer, Steve Tuer. To begin with, the farm used to be a dairy farm, so there is thought to be a lot of inherent fertility in the soil. Secondly, slurry from the farm’s 600-sow and pig fattening unit is spread back on to the 1000 acres of arable land.

Fertiliser was applied in four splits, totalling 220KG of nitrogen as urea and foliar nitrogen was applied in June within the second sclerotinia spray. According to Farming UK, the farm administered a conventional spray program comprising an autumn phoma and Light Leaf Spot spray of Frelizon (pentiopyrad + picoxystrobin), followed by an early spring application of Monkey (tebuconazole + Prochloraz), and combined with the nutrition product Headland Bo-La (boron + molybdenum). The scelertonia programme then consisted of Recital (Fluopyram + Protioconazole) at early flower, followed up three weeks later with Proline (prothioconazole) in tank mix with Nufol (foliar nitrogen).

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