What Chemical Are You Storing?

Enduramaxx What Chemical Are You Storing

What chemical are you storing?  Proper chemical storage starts with the chemical being stored and should be the first question you are asked when purchasing a chemical storage tank.  If this isn’t – you may be doing it wrong as not checking the chemical being stored, suitable connections and controlling of possible fuming acids can lead to serious risks.  Let’s look at why it’s so important to get your chemical storage system based on the chemical being stored.

It Starts with the Chemical Being Stored

In order to maximize the performance of the chemical storage system, the longevity of the chemical tank, and the filling and emptying of the tank, the chemical properties of the liquids being stored must be considered. The storage tank is one of the main components of your chemical delivery system and a critical component to the process so if the specification of the tank is wrong it can lead potentially to serious problems in the future.

A tank specified only on factors such as capacity, material and tendered on price alone you risk a storage tank which won’t hold the product intended.  Chemical grade valves, fittings and level gauges are all required for correct storage and could be compromised through incorrect chemical compatibility.  A chemical storage tank matched to the specific chemical usage may cost you more initially, but these costs are replaced by reduced maintenance and possible tank replacement.

Chemicals which fume

Chemicals such as Hydrochloric Acid, a chemical used to lower the pH of the water and as an emulsion breaker in industrial wastewater treatment, requires a fuel proof to protect people and the environment from the harmful fumes and the chemical’s corrosive nature. The concentrated releases are called acidic mists.

Fume tight fittings, overflow fittings, and suitable tank connections are essential component parts of a chemical storage system for many acids.

So with your next requirement for a chemical tank and regarding the discussions around what chemical are you storing,  please get in touch with an Enduramaxx Tank Specialist to get the right plastic chemical storage tank for your needs.

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