Aluminium Sulphate Tanks

Aluminium Sulphate Tanks, Aluminium sulphate, also known as cake alum or papermaker’s alum, is a flocculant chemical, much like ferric.  Aluminium sulphate is a chemical compound with the formula Al2(SO4)3  and it is soluble in water and mainly used as a coagulating agent in the purification of drinking water, wastewater treatment plants, and in paper manufacturing.

Aluminium sulphate is used to remove organic compounds from wastewater and potable water as the chemical encourages small particles to cling to larger particles in water. When the large particles are filtered out, much of the aluminium sulphate is removed with it goes with it. While aluminium sulphate cannot remove pathogens or bacteria, the coagulation process reduces the presence of dissolved substances in water, which means less chlorine is needed for disinfection.

Why aluminium sulphate requires specialized storage:

  • Aluminium sulphate can separate, causing pumping problems.
  • Chemicals like aluminium sulphate can create vapour or fumes which can cause damage to surrounding trees and plants.
  • Coagulation, settling and separation can all cause storage problems, especially in concert with temperature variations.

A proper storage solution can preserve the integrity of the product and maintain safety:

  • A chemical tank for aluminium sulphate should have a specific gravity rating of 2.
  • On the bottom sidewall of the tank, consider a full-drain cone tank which helps with total drainage and potential leaks with mechanically attached fittings.

Enduramaxx Bunded Tanks

While Aluminium Sulphate offers a versatile, cost-effective solution to drinking water treatment, it does present storage challenges.  These bunded tanks for Aluminium Sulphate are offered with chemical tank options including liquid level sensor assemblies and fill pipes, fittings and modifications to suit your application.  This includes inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids, mixers and vents.

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