Enduramaxx Leachate and Condensate Tanks are generally used in land reclamation projects and designed to hold contaminated groundwater which is being extracted from the site. Commonly called leachate, this ‘water’ can be highly corrosive, toxic or acidic dependent on what the site was being used for previously.  Leachate and condensate from landfills which contain hazardous constituents either as a direct result of the waste disposed of in the facility (e.g., household hazardous wastes) or as a result of the breakdown of the chemical compounds found in the waste (e.g., leachate derived constituents).

Being that the leachate is highly contaminated water formed from the biodegradation of organic wastes, and water-soluble wastes, rainwater increases the volume of this liquid which can kill aquatic  life forms and so it must be treated before it can be safely released into the environment.  By providing the right kind of storage for these chemicals, safety can be maintained – and the integrity of the product can be preserved.

How Should Leachate Be Stored?

While there are many options for Leachate storage, a rotationally moulded tank is ideal. This process produces a seamless tank, meaning it is nearly impossible for the chemical to find leaks.

If you do not already have secondary containment in place or are looking for a better option, a bunded tank is a great solution. This “tank within a tank” allows for greater safety by providing a system that has 110-per cent secondary containment. In addition, the tank’s construction means greater strength.

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