Disinfectant Sprayers & Bowsers

Enduramaxx Disinfectant Sprayers & Bowsers are suitable for the application of disinfectant and sanitizing liquids.

At the current time, we have seen multiple ways of distributing chemicals to disinfect large areas across the world.  Enduramaxx has worked closely with councils and facilities companies and has come up with a solution to distribute chemicals by simply customising our pressure washer and sprayer range.  Based on our water bowser and demount sprayers we can offer a range of pumps for chemical and water mixtures. With a few extras, disinfectants and water can be sprayed using a spray bar for cleaning floors, roads and pavements, pressure washer and hot wash pressure washer for all surfaces.

We can customise to suit every application with our offering of popular pressure washers which may give a high-pressure wash down and standard spray bars are also available for decontaminating floors, roads or pavements.

Demount units range from 200 – 2000 litre units and water bowsers 200 litres to 2000 litres water tanks and available as highway road tow trailers, site tow trailers or as a static demount unit. If you require a larger water tank or a sprayer then our team will be happy to design and manufacture a product to suit your requirements.

Our Made In Britain products are in stock and available with a UK wide delivery service. As a specialist supplier with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality polyethene liquid storage tanks, if you need to speak with an expert you can use the chatbox in the bottom of this screen, call +44 (0)1778 562 810 or email us sales@enduramaxx.co.uk.

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