Enduramaxx Road Tow Dust Suppression Bowsers are available in capacities up to 2,000 litres. Mounted on a galvanised a robust chassis, these are available with several pump and hose reel options for your application, as well as dribble bar or deflector plates providing a cost-effective on-site solution where dust is a problem. Powered by a petrol engine pump, just flick the on the switch, pull the cord, open the water valve and start delivering a result in minutes.

As our awareness of health and safety and environmental issues increases the requirement for effective and affordable Bowsers is also increasing. Our extensive range of Dust Suppression Bowsers come fitted with petrol-driven pumps and are available as demounting or towable options.   Our powerful dust suppression bowsers are available in from 400 litres to 2,000 litres with options of fantail and irrigation spraying and sprinkler systems.

Really wet the ground and suppress the dust with our double or triple deflector system giving you a wide adjustable spray pattern.  Each deflector is individually controlled by ball valves for directional spray control.

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