Vertical Rainwater Tanks

Vertical Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are designed for both domestic and commercial applications and capacities available, our range of round rainwater tanks, known as vertical storage tanks or water storage tanks, provide the water storage element for Rainwater Harvesting Systems. In 40 sizes, ranging from 150 litres to 90,000 litres,  our plastic water tanks allow rainwater to be stored and used at your convenience.

These Vertical Rainwater Tanks are one-piece moulded tanks so minimal installation and assembly costs compared to traditional sectional metal tanks.

Rainwater Harvesting Filters

Enduramaxx rainwater harvesting filter kits filter prevent moss and leaves going into your rainwater harvesting tank, whilst softening the water as it passes through the filter. Available as a basket filter or self-cleaning design, these filters suit every roof size whether it is a domestic house, an agricultural barn or commercial factory.


Uses of Rain Water Harvesting – the rainwater collection process used in the UK for domestic and commercial premises are not suitable for drinking, bathing or food preparation even though it is filtered before being transferred to the containing tank. For everything else, rain harvested water can be used, including:

  • Flushing toilets
  • Washing clothes (with a washing machine)
  • Watering gardens plants and flowers (via an outside tap)
  • Washing cars (via an outside tap)
  • Cleaning the exterior of buildings

This means that an efficient collection of rainwater can help reduce your water usage and, if you are on a meter, cut down on your utility bill.

Commercial Water Harvesting

For businesses and industry, the uses of round rainwater tanks for rainwater harvesting remain the same as domestic, including laundry, watering gardens, toilet flushing and cleaning. Water for businesses is becoming an increasingly expensive proposition with sewerage and trade effluent charges rising and an efficient rainwater harvesting system can help reduce costs by as much as 50% when it is combined with other water-saving measures.

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