Plastic Granular Storage Silo

Enduramaxx’s Plastic Granular Storage Silo Tanks also known as IBC Tanks or Intermediate Bulk Container Tanks are reusable industrial containers for the storage of dry powders, pellets & granules including powdered cement and are available in a range of 17 sizes. They are constructed so as to have a consistent wall thickness and chemical resistance designed for use within the chemical/plastics and food industries. Additionally, these plastic tanks are suitable for use within the agriculture and equine sectors as storage for animal feeds. Supplied as standard with a heavy-duty galvanised steel support frame they are also available without a frame.

Enduramaxx’s Plastic Granular Storage Silo Tanks and components are designed for your specific application. We maintain our own professional engineers and designers in-house. These highly experienced advisors have designed tanks for a wide range of industry-specific standards and applications. Along with the right tank for your needs.  These plastic silo tanks are used for; Dry Salt, Animal Feeds, Grain, Lime, Plastic Pellets, Granular Fertilisers, Food and Grain Products, Minerals and Aggregates and many other dry products.

Enduramaxx currently offers a range of standard tanks & silos which incorporate a steep conical base to aid emptying. The conical base can be fitted with a variety of solutions to aid the outflow of the products such as augers.

Whilst our standard product ranges from 250 litres to 12000 litres, we have our bespoke tank design capabilities are extensive. If the application you require isn’t listed please get in touch with us today. We are sure we can assist.

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