Enduramaxx Fertiliser Mixer Tank Vessels range perform a key role in small batch mixing of fertiliser for horticulture and agricultural growers.  These open-top fertiliser mixers vessels are a single piece construction and manufactured from high-density food grade polyethene and permit easy viewing of content level in natural light. Our range of Soluble Fertiliser Mixer Tanks is designed for containment of liquids up to 1.5 SG. All tanks come with a lid which can be vented or non – vented. The heavy-duty galvanised steel support frame is supplied as standard, also available without frame.

Using mixing tanks, growers are able to produce individual fertiliser combinations, to best suit their particular needs.  Featuring heavy-duty industrial impeller mixers direct mounted to the roof of the tank, our chemically resistant mixing tanks are capable of blending and dissolving dry fertilisers, additives and other liquids in a water-based solution.

Fertiliser Mixer will rapidly and efficiently mix soluble straights thereby offering massive cost savings over buying bulk liquid feeds, used by many of the top clubs.  Soluble Fertiliser Mixer Tanks allows you to bespoke manufacture the liquid feed your turf requires rather than buying branded fertiliser which the analysis may not be exactly what your turf needs.

These Fertiliser Mixer Tank Vessels are available from 1200 to 5000-litre tanks.

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