Fertiliser Stock Tank with removable lid for the tomato growers and hydroponics. These rotational moulded plastic stock tanks are available with an optional removable lid and mixer available options.  Utilizing an appropriate nutrient solution is one of the most important components of establishing and maintaining a hydroponic greenhouse tomato crop. In hydroponic production, all of the essential nutrients must be provided to the plant in solution form as the substrates typically used for tomato production have no nutritional component as would soil in field production. This fact sheet will provide a guideline to formulate nutrient solutions for successful hydroponic tomato production under a controlled environment.

For tomatos, the developmental phase of the plant must be considered as different growth phases have different nutritional requirements. Therefore, a phased nutrient solution based on the developmental stages of the plants is recommended to achieve optimal growth and development during the different stages of plant growth.

Young plants require and should be provided with lower nutrient concentrations than mature plants, to prevent plants from becoming too vegetative.   Plants in early fruiting stages require increased levels of specific nutrients like nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca), and potassium (K) because the developing fruits demand greater amounts of these nutrients.  Mature fruiting plants require the highest levels of nutrients to promote plant growth and fruit development, as well as an appropriate balance of specific nutrients to ensure high fruit quality which can be mixed with a fertiliser stock tank.

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