Trade Waste Storage Tanks

Trade Waste Storage Tanks can be manufactured to suit your requirements with a range of fittings, flanges and pipework to collect and empty these tanks. As there is the potential for hazardous chemicals being stored these tanks are available in PP or PE material ensures suitable chemical compatibility.

Bespoke Industrial Effluent Storage Tanks

Not all Enduramaxx tanks are round… Many industries such as those in metal processing require process tanks and bunds that can clean metal through corrosive solutions.

Enduramaxx can design and manufacture industrial effluent storage tanks to your specified length, width and height and we have supplied process vessels to industries in all shapes and sizes to hold industrial waste. Storage of chemicals such as acids, waste site leachate and other waste liquids require bunding.  With the ability to produce round and rectangular tanks that are suitable for this, we are able to build a solution to meet your requirements.

We already have an enormous range of off-the-shelf tanks so would be worth checking our range of Tanks online before submitting your request. Although we welcome any Trade Waste Storage Tanks enquiry, we can quite often supply a tank which is very close to your requirements, from our “off the shelf” range.

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